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"The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention" -  Oscar Wilde

Anyone who has received a thoughtful gift from a friend, just when they needed it most, knows that the smallest act of kindness and support can mean a great deal. Betty's mission is to help you create truly meaningful and personal gifts that speak your heart to them in their times of joy and celebration, as well as uncertainty and sorrow.



"What is done in love is well done" -  Vincent Van Gogh

Life is full of ups and downs and time is often a luxury. We want to be there for our friends and loved ones in times of need or celebration to show our love and support, but life simply gets in the way. That's where BoxBetty steps in!

Our range of convenient and affordable gifts makes it easy to be thoughtful. Betty does the hard work for you - hunting high and low for beautiful and unique items, carefully packaging them in boxes tied up with ribbons and delivers your gift to their door, complete with your special handwritten message.

Where possible, BoxBetty also loves supporting and partnering with local Australian artisans and makers who create highest quality products using local Australian materials. A large portion of our gifting range is Australian made. 




"It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving" -  Mother Teresa

DESIGN YOUR OWN GIFTS lets you to choose up to 5 items and a card from a list of many gorgeous products allowing you to tailor your message perfectly and, at the same time, completely control the cost. 

If you are in a hurry we’ve saved you some time and created PRE-DESIGNED GIFTS for those milestone occasions. Whether you need a birthday gift, a baby shower gift, a new mum to be gift or simply a thinking of you gift, Betty has you covered! Each pre-designed gift box has been thoughtfully created with a focus on style, quality and cost so that you can let her know how much she means to you without breaking the bank.

If you need something more personalised, or if you have any questions about Corporate gifting, please Contact Us or send an email to





"BoxBetty bam-ba-lam" - me (and Spiderbait, and Ram Jam and Tom Jones....sort of)

On a more personal note, you may be wondering about the meaning behind the name 'BoxBetty'. To me, Betty is a symbol for women everywhere. Generic? Maybe, but hear me out.

I passionately believe that women (and girls) are under constant pressure from society, the media, social media, social circles and, most importantly, themselves to embody perfection in every part of their life - the perfect body, the perfect clothes, the perfect student, the perfect mother, the perfect friend, the perfect girlfriend, the perfect employee.

We aim for the highest branch on the tree, trying to achieve so much and often have expectations for ourselves that are so much higher than we would ever hold anyone else to. But as we race full throttle towards the pursuit of perfection, we lose parts of ourselves along the way. I know of what I speak - I am my harshest critic. As a recovering lawyer (just joking lawyers....but not really!), I have often caught myself thinking that I would rather not try at all, than try and fail.

Here's the truth. We women are an amazing bunch and have the magical capacity to extend so much love, and support to our friends and family....and absolutely none to ourselves. 

BoxBetty was created to help women show their love and support, but even more importantly, kindness and gratitude towards others. Through giving to others it is my sincerest hope that women remember to appreciate and be kind to themselves also. And you know what they say, what goes around comes around!