Our Story

Think back to a time when you were given a gift that was meaningful to you. How did it make you feel?

We bet you can still remember the person that gave it to you, the reason they gave it, the care and attention that they showed in giving it and the words they wrote on the card.

Giving is more than a mere obligation or about how much you spend. The ritual of giving gifts to one another is about celebrating the lives of those you love, showing solidarity to a friend in need, reaching out to tell someone you care, welcoming a new little one to the world, and thanking people by returning their kindness.

BoxBetty wants to help you tell your story

BoxBetty wants to help you to tell a story that really means something to your recipient through personalised, unique and exceptional gifts. From the moment they receive their gift hamper, to reading your handwritten message, and discovering the delights inside – every moment is one to be cherished.

Think of Betty as your personal gifting concierge – the ‘gal that runs around and does all the hard work for you to make gifting easy, without losing that personal touch.

BoxBetty allows you to be creative, while saving you time

In addition to our curated range of gift hampers, BoxBetty lets you build your own gift hamper from scratch. Simply choose up to 7 products and make up your own personalised birthday gift, wedding present, thinking of you gift – your imagination is the limit! Once you’re done simply choose your card and message and Betty will box up your gift in our signature glossy gift box, complete with a beautiful bow, and deliver it to their door (Australia-wide).

BoxBetty believes in supporting small business

Where possible, BoxBetty loves supporting and partnering with local Australian artisans and makers who create highest quality products using local Australian materials. A large portion of our gifting range is Australian-made.

Who is Betty?

Betty is like you or me – a busy girl in a modern world trying to do her best! Betty hopes to make the world a kinder place by helping people come together through the shared joy of giving.
Thanks for visiting BoxBetty – what are you waiting for? Get creative!